Plugin that makes you anonymous and allows you to change your IP address


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AnonymoX is a Firefox add-on that protects your identity while surfing the Web.

Whether you’re concerned about privacy online or simply want to hide your IP address in order to access geo-restricted content, AnonymoX is a fast and simple solution. This isn’t a robust application for creating virtual private networks, but if all you want to do is surf anonymously, then that limited scope works in its favor and lets you achieve your goals with minimal configuration and hassles.

You can choose to go into private or public mode at any time. In private mode, you have your choice of server based on server location. The app will randomly assign you an IP to expose publicly. You then feed it queries, and the remote server will return you the results. The program even provides great control over cookies, so that you can manage, block, delete them and so forth.

Servers are available through North America, Europe and Asia, which is nice. Many VPN programs excel at providing access to servers in some areas but not others, which means that the program isn’t all that useful for whole groups of people. AnonymoX can meet your needs wherever you’re located, and that also makes it a fantastic proxy option for the person who travels a lot.

AnonymoX is also very fast. In fact, it's surprisingly fast for a free option. Since VPNs add a layer to the connection, they can reduce performance, but that’s rarely the case here. If there’s a downside to AnonymoX, it’s that the program isn’t customizable or flexible at all really. If the program meets your needs out of the box, then there a few options that will do the job better. If you need to tweak that default configuration, then you’re probably out of luck and will have to look elsewhere.


  • Easy to get started and use
  • Choose geographic location of server
  • Doesn’t generally impede surfing speed


  • Not customizable
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